Your Local Partner in East-Africa and Southern Africa Development Countries
K2-Consult has established local permanent offices in Uganda and Mozambique. We believe in local partnerships, and the benefits that being anchored in the local communities can bring to our customers, clients and partners: such as; quality service being specialists in delivering solutions that are pragmatic and add value to our customers and clients. We provide local knowledge, expertise and networks to global challenges. Only in this way can we achieve our goal and vision to be:
Quality Statement
  • K2 is fully committed to meeting customer and client requirements in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner;
  • K2 assures customers and clients of the highest standard and quality of work at all times;
  • K2 seeks to maintain a professional and rewarding environment for all staff; and
  • K2 seeks to continuously improve the company’s competitiveness and standing as a  management and information technology consulting firm locally and in the region.
The Company
K2-Consult is a Management and Information Technology Consultancy Company. The company was founded in Denmark in 1989 and offers consultancy services mainly in developing countries. The company is a 100% privately owned limited liability company registered in Denmark under CVR nr. 13 12 49 06 (A/S). Whilst the K2 group provide services worldwide, its principle centres of operation are situated in Aabenraa (Denmark), Kampala (Uganda), and Maputo (Mozambique).

K2-Consult employs 3 permanent staff members in Denmark, 10 permanent staff members in Uganda, and 5 permanent staff members in Mozambique. The company has a strong network of associated consultants throughout the region spanning across Uganda (50) and Mozambique (10) including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

The hallmark of K2-Consult is to create and deliver holistic and sustainable solutions in management, including financial management and IT solutions in developing countries. K2-Consult is proud of its resilient team and strong alliances with regional and international consultants who all contribute to ensuring that we are able to deliver on our promises to produce high quality output.

In Denmark, the company is registered as a limited liability (A/S). In Uganda, the company is registered as K2-Consult (U) Ltd. in 1994, K2-Informatics (U) Ltd. in 1999, and K2-Research (U) Ltd. in 2000. In Mozambique, the company is registered as K2-Consult Lda. in 2006, but operated previously as K2-Techtop Consult (Pvt.) Lda. since 2002.
K2-Consult provides two key services; Management Consultancy and IT Solutions.
Management Consultancies These services include; Studies, Appraisals, Reviews, Project Assessment, Project Management and Implementation, and Training and Capacity Building for Private/Public Sector Organisations. K2-Consult is a multi-disciplinary consultancy company and the services are offered across all sectors (see references).
Microsoft Business Solutions
(Dynamics Navision)
K2-Consult is a Microsoft Certified Partner and licensed reseller of Microsoft Business Solution (Dynamics – NAV). K2-Consult is a Certified Microsoft Business Solution Partner operating under the license granted to K2-Informatics (U) Ltd. in Uganda under Microsoft authorization no. 0009118741. K2-Informatics and K2-Consult (Mozambique) also offers tailor-made database solutions using Sybase and Microsoft Access.
Denmark Office

Knud Anders Rasmussen, Executive Director (owner), B.Sc. in Mech. Eng). “Ras” has more than 17 years of experience from working in developing countries with project management and implementation of management tools for technical & administrative operations both in the private & public sector.

  Pia Overgaard Jespersen, Financial Controller (part-time), Certified Accountant & Auditor. Pia manages the company’s financial affairs and ensures a professional financial consolidation of all activities across the K2 group of companies in Africa.

Uganda Office

Oskar Rothen, Director & Partner K2-Consult Uganda, MBA. Oskar has more than 30 years of experience from working and living in East Africa. Oskar worked for Roko Construction Ltd. in Uganda for more than 15 years before setting-up K2-Consult in Uganda and offering his services in management consultancies. Oskar mainly supports the company’s strategic development and external relations.

Adriana van Ommering Adriana van Ommering joined K2 in December 2006 as office manager in Uganda. She has a Master degree in Social Geography from the University of Amsterdam and has more than 20 years of professional experience of development programs within various sectors and at all stages of the project cycle. She worked on long and short term assignments in Africa for multilateral and bilateral donors, particularly concerned with small enterprise development, gender and social sectors, such as health, water and sanitation. She is very experienced in human resources development and capacity building among others at local and municipal level. She has vast experience as team leader and manager from implementation of several programs and projects.

Percis Namukwana, Chief Accountant. Percis (“Ssenga”) manages the company’s financial & administrative affairs in Uganda. Percis is a certified accountant and has worked for the K2 Group of companies in Uganda for more than 12 years.

Paul Batte, Senior Programmer / Analyst: Paul Batte has been developing business data base- powered solutions and working with IT for over 12 years, using various technologies including: Microsoft .NET, Sybase PowerBuilder, Visual Basic for Applications, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Microsoft Access and Microsoft FoxPro. He possesses comprehensive and robust skills in web technologies like HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP (ASPX) and Java Applets. He is also skilled in systems analysis and design, and implementation. Paul Batte has developed applications on Windows and SCO UNIX platforms. Paul Batte is now Certified Microsoft Business Solutions Developer.

Walter Shereni, Senior System Analyst / Solutions Developer: Walter Shereni excels in financial management systems. His systems are targeted to meet all the client's needs. Walther Shereni works with: Microsoft Business Solutions (Navision), Visual Basic 6.0, Visual FoxPro 6.0, COBOL, PASCAL, QBASIC, C/AL (NA), HTML & Active Server Pages, MS Access 97/2000, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, and Sybase. Walter is a Certified Microsoft Business Solutions Developer.

Linnet Nkunda Akol, Project Manager/Research Consultant. BA (SS) Hons. Majored in Sociology. Makerere University. Linnet is a Sociologist by profession and has worked for many organisations in Uganda undertaking research and studies of government funded programmes aid programmes, including surveys for private sector companies and NGOs.

John Muhangi, Sales & Marketing Manager. John joined K2 in Uganda as Sales & Marketing Manager in 2005. John has a Bachelor of Commerce in finance from Makerere University, and worked previous as Sales Manager for Alpha Dairies and Sadolin Paints Ltd.

Christopher Kiwanuka, Senior Associate Consultant: Human Resource Management Specialist - Capacity Building Expert; Probably one of the most experienced human resource management / organizational specialists in Uganda with regard to public sector and parastatals with more than 30 years of experience. Mr. Kiwanuka has worked with K2 for more than 10 years as an in-house associated consultant.

Emmanuel Bwekwaso, Driver & Office Support. Emmanuel has worked with K2-Consult since its inception in Uganda in 1993. He provides a solid support foundation without which the office cannot work.

Esther Nakandi, Office Secretary & Receptionist. Esther joined K2-Consult in 2001 and provides office support and secretarial services. She is the pivotal point in the reception at 32, Kanjokya Street.

Flavia Ayesibwa, Office Attendant. Flavia joined K2-Consult in 2002 as Office Attendant and ensures a clean office, serving of coffee/tea and other refreshments for staff and visitor. Flavia is also the gap-filler in the reception when needed.

Mozambique Office

Anise Sacranie, joined K2 in May 2006 as the General Manager. She has a BSc in Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Management. Anise has worked in Africa for 10 years and has experience in the private and donor sectors. Most recently, Anise has worked with the DFID and Medécins Sans Frontières as Financial Controller.

Sergio Machado, joined the K2 group in July 2006. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science in the US and since worked with the Ministry of Science & Technology in Mozambique. Sergio’s skills are pivotal to customizing Navision on a programming level to ensure that we meet the client’s needs.

Ivo Torres, Ivo began his work with K2 in 2007. Ivo is a professionally qualified accountant and has had 7 years of experience working with private organisations and providing financial consulting services here in Mozambique. Ivo is K2's Financial Consultant for donors/ NGOs and private companies as well as financial expert and trainer for our Navision clients.

Antonio Chambal, Sales Agent. Mr Chambal has been nominated as Sales Agent for K2-Consult (Mozambique). He has worked in within the Government of Mozambique for many years and is a qualified Financial Adviser. Mr Chambal has Navision experience and approached K2 to be appointed official MBS Navision sales representative.

Hélio Chauque, Office Assistant. Hélio has worked with K2 for 3 years. He supports the administrative team in its day-to-day business.

Simon Mazai, Associate IT Consultant. Simon has worked with the K2 group for over 6 years as a consultant, mainly in Zimbabwe. He is an IT professional who has many years of Navision experience as a Developer and continues to support K2 on specific projects. Simon was appointed Ag. General Manager in Mozambique when establishing the office.
Clients and Customers
K2-Consult has worked for a number of international and local organisations in Uganda and Mozambique including the following; Government of Uganda (including several ministries MWLE, MOLG, MOJCA, and MOFPED), Government of Mozambique (including the Energy and Justice sectors – CCLJ, UTREL, DNE, Ministerio de Energia), Danida, Austrian Bureau of Development, Swiss Government, Sida, Norad, UNDP, UNICEF, EU delegations, Uganda Society for Disabled Children (Uganda), Icemark-Africa Ltd. (Uganda), Dataserv Ltd. (Mozambique) to mention just a few.
Alliances and Networks
Copenhagen Development Consulting A/S
Techtop Consult (Pvt.) Ltd. (Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania)
Carl Bro International A/S (Denmark)
DHV NV (Holland)
Business Areas
  • Project Studies and Appraisals
  • Feasibility Studies, Reviews, evaluations and Socio-economic Studies
  • Privatisation Support
  • Value-for-money Audits
  • Decentralization Programmes
  • Institutional Development
  • Public Sector Reform Support
  • Information Resource Management
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Tailor-made Databases, Software Design and Development
  • Accounting, Financial Planning and Management Systems
  • Software Maintenance
  • Mentoring Schemes
  • Tailor-made training programs relevant to all implementation activities (above-listed)
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K2-Consult Mozambique
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DENMARK (office) K2-Consult A/S
Skibbroen 12
DK-6200 Aabenraa
Denmark – Europe
Tel. +45 74 62 99 23, Cell. +45 20 42 99 23, Fax. +45 74 62 99 83
Contact person: Knud Rasmussen
UGANDA (office) K2-Consult (U) Ltd. (K2-Informatics & K2-Research (U) Ltd.)
32, Kanjokya Street, Kamwokya
P.O Box 8628
Kampala – Uganda
Tel. +256 312 26 27 42, Cell. +256 751 75 76 77, Fax. +256 312 26 27 43
Contact person: Adriana van Ommering
MOZAMBIQUE (office) K2-Consult Lda.
Av. Mártires da Machava, no. 71, Andar no. 1
Maputo – Mozambique
Tel. +258 21 48 77 47, Cell. +258 82301 4473, Fax.+258 21 48 77 47
Contact person: Anise Sacranie