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Our Story

K2-Consult was first established in 1989 with offices in Denmark and Uganda. Since then, we have worked across sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific. K2-Consult in Denmark is a joint-owner of K2-Techtop Consult Ltd in Zimbabwe where we have had a presence since 1999. The company has a strong network of associated consultants throughout the region spanning across the east and southern African region.

K2 believes in local partnerships, and the benefits that being anchored in the local communities can bring to our customers, clients and partners:  a high quality service, delivering solutions that are pragmatic and grounded in the local social, political and economic context. We provide local knowledge, expertise and networks to global challenges. We provide technical assistance to donors and governments, as well as the private investors, that are working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our core areas of expertise include:

Donor/ government projects

  • project formulation
  • procurement, 
  • monitoring and evaluation, and
  • real-time evaluation.
Private sector
  • feasibility studies,
  • business planning, and
  • sourcing financing.
K2-Consult is proud of its resilient team and strong alliances with regional and international consultants who all contribute to ensuring that we are able to deliver on our promises to produce high quality output.

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